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Who are we

Who are we

Aqua fish

Our SALLEM GROUP continues to grow over the years driven by our passion for the sea for several decades. AQUA FISH TUNISIE is one of the companies of the group that was created in 2006 by Mr. SAHBI SALLEM, and which is considered to be the pioneer of offshore aquaculture in Tunisia. It was the first company to introduce the technique of sea bass and sea bream aquaculture into floating cages in open sea, with a production capacity of more than 2,000 tonnes per year.

Its operating site, located off the coast of Hergla, guarantees the farm’s fish exceptionally pure water and far from any source of land pollution. Fish grow in a healthy marine environment and with respect for their natural life cycle, without any growth promoter and without modification of their natural environment (lighting, temperature, oxygen).



As a leader in the local market, our products are sold under the “Del Mare” label in most super markets, fish mongers and Tunisian restaurants. We also export our products to several destinations around the world from our European-certified packaging establishment.